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Cellphone Gadget Repair


We specialise in the following mobile phone repairs: LCD repair, Touch screen repair, Cracked screen repair, Speaker Repair, Microphone repair, Signal repair, Keypad repair, Liquid damage repair, Software fault, Charging port repair, unlocking and security codes reset. All makes and models: iPhone, Samsung , Nokia , LG, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC, Sony Ericsson and other makes and models. iphone repair houston , galaxy repair houston, cracked screen repair houston, smart phone repair houston, cell phone repair houston



We are gaming enthusiasts that never like to see a good console go to waste - whatever the problem! With years of experience in the industry and excellent customer service we are sure you will not regret choosing us for your repairs. Repair in houston all console such as PS3 PlayStation, XBOX, Wii, DS, PSP   PS3 repair houston , xbox repair houston, wii repair houston, video game repair houston, video game  xbox  wii ps3 repair sugarland, video game xbox wii ps3 repair sugarland, ps3 repair katy,




PC's and Laptops play a crucial role in our everyday lives and although they are generally reliable, sometimes problems can and do occur and need repairing. We understand just how frustrating this can be to families, small businesses and schools alike. We use and rely on our computers for an array of different everyday tasks, from gaming, browsing the Internet, sending emails, storing photo’s and important information and keeping on top of our finances, the list is endless. computer repair houston laptop repair houston , laptop screen repair houston, laptop power jack repair houston, virus removal, power power jack repair



It can be very worrying when you break your cherished device, whether it be simply a cracked screen or something more serious like water damage. Our aim is to take the worry out of the process of getting your iPad, iPad mini or Tablet repaired by offering a fast, straightforward and cost-effective solution for our ipad , ipad mini, nexus, samsung galaxy tab, blackberry tablet customers. ipad repair houston, ipad mini repair houston, tablet repair houston, ipad cracked screen repair houston , cracked glass repair houston ipad ipad mini galaxy repair houston.